fredag 18 juni 2010

Young films from Gothenburg

A few days ago I saw three of the movies made by last year film students at Gothenburg University and I was happy to see their spirit to try and renew the Swedish film. Especially the film "Dark Side" by Emelie Lindblom had a very relevant story and strong conceptual approach in a short paraphrase to an English high-society soap opera. The film uses images from the TV-series to bring forward a story of a swedish young couple. It soon turns into a story of how reality and fiction can be mixed up and the difficulty of judgment in reality compared to a told story which is often simplified and clear. I was really happy to see someone seriously addressing topics concerning our own generation.

måndag 14 juni 2010

Beautiful bridges

I recently watched this lecture on Swiss bridgebuilders from MIT World and it is really astonishing to imagine the effort that went into those structures. I remember that Morten Lund gave a lecture including most of them during the last semester in Matter Space Structure Studio and now I really feel like stealing a car to head south and drive among those beautiful mountaintops!