måndag 18 januari 2010

Site synth

This is an interesting tool for ordering images spatially as they are taken instead of by name, I used it on the site for my masters thesis project in Gothenburg.

söndag 17 januari 2010

Medici Palace, Florence

I've been reading a book called Places of Performance, The semiotics of Theatre Architecture by Theater Professor Marvin Carlson which provides a historical review of theater buildings from the view of their symbolical meaning in the city and how it affected the performances played out inside. This is the Medici Palace in Florence which was concieved with some of the most advanced technology at the time in the creation of rennaissance society. The courtyard which was used as a theatre also denotes the split between street theatre and polite society theatre. From here and on, almost all permanent structures for theatre was located further and further into private settings for the higher classes. (I)

In order to make this particular perspective drawing, the architect Baldassare Lanci used his own invention, the Strumento prospettico-topografico, seen below. During this time, large perspective paintings were also put up in the urban space during processions where ideas of the future baroque city was depicted as part of the events. (II)

söndag 10 januari 2010


Ikväll hälsade Erik på i min fjällstuga här uppe på masthuggsberget. Vi såg Fitzcarraldo, en film om en visionär galning som bestämmer sig för att dra en båt över ett berg i djungeln för att kunna bygga en opera. Helt fantantisk!

I was inspired by this movie, Fitzcarraldo decides to try and pull a boat over the crest of a mountain in the middle of the Jungle in order to start exporting rubber with the ultimate goal of building his own opera.